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Merit Gas Series


The fire presentation of the Merit® Series LMBV gas fireplace has been significantly upgraded to a new level of realism. A dramatic log set fills the entire firebox with beautifully replicated stacked wood and the pan burner is hidden throughout to deliver large, active and glowing flames. Rugged, realistic brick pattern liner adds to the masonry fireplace look and feel and designer bi-fold doors are available for a touch of custom style and elegance.


The Merit® Series louverless direct-vent (MLDVT) gas fireplaces deliver the clean, elegant presentation of a true louverless design. Inside, the highly efficient fireplaces produce tall, dramatic flames and a warm ember glow at very low BTUs, reducing energy consumption and costs without sacrificing fire quality. Expansive glass viewing area presents the fire in the most dramatic and impressive way. Louverless design delivers clean, traditional masonry looks that is quick and easy to install.


The Merit® Series B-vent family of gas-burning fireplaces offer a true louverless design with large viewing areas and low BTUs, reducing fuel consumption and energy costs. These fireplaces are available with a variety of accessories to match any décor.


The Merit® Series louverless direct-vent (MLDVTCD) gas fireplace delivers the clean, elegant presentation of a true louverless design. The highly efficient fireplace produces striking dancing ribbon flames at very low BTUs to save energy costs. The MLDVTCD boasts an expansive viewing area that offers a front-row seat to the cozy entertainment. Plus, they can be installed mid-wall with the elegant facade or at the traditional floor level with the usual surround materials. The luxury and style of the MLDVTCD makes louverless an efficient and affordable option.

Additional Info

  • Brand: Lennox
  • Type: Fireplace
  • Fuel: Electric